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Springer is Central Iowa’s leading pest control company, serving homes throughout the Greater Des Moines area and beyond. Our trained and fully licensed technicians are professional, efficient, and guarantee expert service and effective results, so you can have peace of mind once again. 

Our QualityPro inspectors and technicians will meticulously inspect the inside and outside of your home. This includes all living areas, basements, and garages. We will find and seal any potential entry points where pests could access your home.

Additionally, during our first visit, we will begin to create barriers inside and around your home to keep pests away. Regardless of the type of pests we encounter, we will also

  • Place additional rodent bait stations around your house
  • Remove webs and spider eggs inside and outside your home
  • Treat windows and doors
  • Vacuum up insects
  • Treat your attic to prevent overwintering pests (if accessible)
  • Search for and remove insect harborage areas
  • Install pest monitors inside your home
  • Install our state-of-the-art TermaPest stations where needed to continually monitor your home for termites and other pests

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